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Welcome I Am The Artist in Wonderland

This is a personal (but not private) blog of a troubled, eccentric artist just trying to get through life as best I can. To find out more of what this blog is about, please see the new Mission Statement by clicking that link or continuing to scroll down. The newest twenty posts are queried on this page with the newest of those closest to the top. To see every post, and in a more themed setting, check out the pages via the menu at the top of this site. Some of the top pages are the JournalStatus Updates, and Galleries with more coming up very soon as I continue to reinvent this blog. If you’re still not sure where to go, just keep on scrolling down!

To see my official digital art gallery website, please visit: Dream 9 Art
If you are a fan of the PC game The Sims 4, please visit my mods & more resource site: Simularity

Mission Statement What is AIW All About?

The point of every personal blog I’ve ever had on the internet has always been to document my progress as I attempt once again to get my life on track with some fun diversions along the way. I talk about my health and my work along with all of my hobbies in a way that’s (hopefully) entertaining for both you and me. Regardless of whether it is entertaining for me, or you, I have always found writing these blog entries to be very therapeutic. Even if few ever read these words, it still benefits me to write and continue to create this blog. So, I shall continue to publish this blog for as long as I feel like it, whenever I feel like it and sometimes even when I don’t feel like it.

So, who am I? I am a 37-year-old digital artist from a little town in Southern Illinois who has a penchant for blogging. In addition to being an artist who works in the niche 3D digital art industry I am also bipolar, a hobbyist photographer with two cute chihuahuas, a collector of Funko Pops, and an obsessive gamer who also mods the crap out of said games. I blog about all that and a little more here @ I have literally been blogging since 1998 when I got my first at-home internet connection. I quickly taught myself to code html websites and later on learned WordPress. And now here we are. Below are some of the topics, features, and more that you can find or will find on this blog:


The journal is where I keep all of my day-to-day, blog posts about life, work, my projects, gaming, and everything in-between.


The gallery posts feature mainly my pet photography and my “best of the year” artwork posts with more stuff to come as I think of what else to put here.

Status Updates

Status updates are short and quick little posts where I write an update on my current status including how I feel and what I’m doing at that moment.

Archive of Old

This archive is for all my ancient art projects from a decade or so ago including online comics and graphic novels that I created.

Thank You for Visiting Please Come Back Soon!


Since December 2022