My First 3D Artworks

Earlier, I hooked up my oldest backup hard drive and was searching for some files that I needed (stuff I bought long ago from sites now gone). While I was searching, I happened to find a folder of my first dozen or so uploads to Renderosity (under my original username of beatle_trekkie) including my very first published render/artwork which you can see above as this post’s featured image.

The title of the render is Ancient Admiration and it was posted August 08, 2003. Here is my original caption which I found along with the render:

This is my very first render since I received Poser 4. I have been making web graphics for a few years now but this is my first attempt at making 3D images. I’m completely new to this so if you have any comments/suggestions I will be happy to hear them and learn more.

About one month later, I had apparently learned a lot more about posing, making my own textures, morphs, etc. and gave the same concept a second try (my first redux render!!). The redux can be seen below:

Ancient Admiration 2

Ancient Admiration 2

The above render was posted on September 01, 2003 with the following caption:

I’ve learned quite a bit since my first render and decided to start from scratch and do it all over again and this is my result. Better or worse? What do you think?
Nefertari gazes up at Ramesses while in her full Isis dress. She is not bowing; she’s doing the traditional Isis pose of Isis kneeling down to gather the blood of Ra before making it into poison and tricking Ra into giving her his secret name and thus making her the most powerful deity in the Egyptian Pantheon.

Well, that was a fun little trip down memory lane. I’ve come so far in the last… WOW, IT’S BEEN NEARLY TWENTY YEARS SINCE I STARTED DOING THIS!!!

I did find a few more old renders and such which I’ll decide about posting later on. For now, enjoy these two ancient relics. Thank you for viewing for all these many years.